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This Christmas, get your wife a...

posted in: bendpak garage, news on December 22, 2010 at 06:22 PM

The perfect gift for a very special lady.

The perfect gift for a very special lady.

Toro CCR 3650 snow blower! Lol, this Minneapolis Craigslist ad is hilarious:

“I bought my wife this awesome used Toro CCR 3650 for christmas.

Its got a 6.5 hp R-tek engine, clears a 19” path of snow, even deep stuff like we’ve been getting and it starts every time on the first pull!!

With all the heavy snow we’ve been getting, and being the fantastic husband I am, I gave it to her early because she was saying that its taking her so long to shovel that she barely has time to clean much less do the laundry. Well hang me with a new rope!!! The electric starter doesn’t work. It spins but doesn’t engage so you have to pull start it. It starts right up every time and isn’t even hard to pull. I thought after 20 years of shoveling she’d be ecstatic that I was so thoughtful to go all out and get this beauty for her, but no. She interuppted me 4 times during the Vikings-Bears game Monday night to drag me out in that weather to remind her how to turn on the choke. I missed Webb’s 2nd interception. I mean all you have to do is slide the little lever to the left and then slide it back to the right when it starts. No big deal. After the second time I got a pair of my gloves for her thinking that maybe the cold was affecting her fingers, but clearly that was not the case. I should have loaned her one of my hats because maybe it was her brain that was freezing because after all that she forgot to blow a path from the back door out to where the dog goes to pee. How hard is this? My first three wives never had this much trouble.

So today I got her a new shovel for under the tree and this baby could be your wife’s for just $200.”

Check out the ad itself right here.



gregs musclecar transport Garage
December 22, 2010 at 06:33 PM

One more lady in Apple Valley is very,very excited to have this beauty,Whats the problem with women anyway,this is a gem,what woman wouldnt tell all her friends all about the new blower molded in lovley Rich Lips Red with skinny black dress colored handles and a splash of deep ocean blue on top with mother of pearl colored wheels, that her husband gave her! I dont get it!

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