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The 61 is a few steps closer...

posted in: "the total gearhead" garage, news on March 06, 2011 at 10:00 AM

The cab is on the new frame.

The cab is on the new frame.

The new frame is stripped. The MII cross member built and mocked up. The cab went on yesterday. Time to mock up the motor and trans and build some motor mounts. Change of plans on the motor. the 460 is out and a fuel injected 351 is in place. We’ve decided to bolt everything back together and get the truck road ready before we strip it back to the bone for sand blasting. There are so many modifications that it would be premature to blast the frame and cab at this point. Too many holes to cut and far too much fab and welding left to do. The rack should be here in the morning so we can mock that up to. We have to integrate the old wiring to the new so the old switches work as well as the ecm. Things are rolling smoothly for a change. I guess the more hot rods you build the less you rush the process. I remember back in the day slapping things together to get on the road as fast as possible…. just to be sitting on the side of the road waiting on a tow truck. Gussets? who needs them? Yeah, I sure am glad I learned my lesson when I was young. Lots to do today so I’m gonna get after it. Have a great day Hub heads!

Von Dub



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