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Our local antique club web photos and histories

posted in: ratamahata garage, news on February 25, 2012 at 12:26 PM

1926 club logo

1926 club logo

For the “Grand Prix provincia de Santa Fe” in Esperanza was designed and built an advanced circuit, south of the city using existing roads partly, partly occupying parcels donated by the neighboring fields couple to form the two curves east and west, semicircular and banked by its geometry out of the usual grid of urban or suburban plots.

In June 1926, six months before their first match Mr. Enrique O. Bernasconi convened a group of citizens to establish the EAC. And in 1918 had founded the Sporting Community Center in order to promote sports, especially racing.

In this second chance and focus your gaze solely on cars and assume the challenge of building a semi-permanent circuit of outstanding features.

The neighbors helped, providing machinery, draft animals and providing labor. In 1926 there was virtually no tractors most of the movement should be done with horse-drawn machine or by hand.

Circuit was achieved excellent presentation that was praised by the participants, leaders, journalists, pilots and the public. Its long straights and banked curves provided accurate measurement for the development of high speeds of the time (still no small feat 170km/hora …) so that there exist at that time another circuit of this type in America, considered it the most rapidly on the continent, and perhaps in the world!





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